StreetPro Display

StreetPro Display combines the most comprehensive national road network in the world with a large-scale digital map base. It enables complete, country-wide mapping for more than 100 countries. Multiple layers of information provide a foundation for map production and enable fast display of background reference maps. Street networks are chained for fast rendering with no loss of detail. Equal maintenance of both metro and regional areas ensures consistent coverage on a national scale.


  • Provides nationwide coverage in a consistent format for more than 100 countries
  • Ensures the latest and most accurate data possible with regular updates
  • Supports enterprise-wide integration from the desktop level to corporate GIS and beyond
  • Works seamlessly within the Pitney Bowes product suite
  • Includes complete with configuration files for Pitney Bowes environments to produce modern, cartographically pleasing maps that are consistent across countries and platforms
  • Offers continent and global bundle versions

Attributes including, but not limited to:

  • Street network, chained for fast display
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Built-up Areas
  • Drainage and water bodies
  • Points of Interest
  • Administrative and locality boundaries
  • Land Use
  • Freeways & Highways
  • Parks
  • Railways & Stations


  • Superior content and attribution: Sources data from best of breed providers to ensure that attributes meet the highest standard
  • Simplified installation management: Streamlines installation across states, countries and continents with a global installer
  • Variety of file formats: Provides data in MapInfo .TAB, Esri .SHP and GDB formats

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Global
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Unit of Sale: State, Country, Continent, Global