Spectrum Global Geocoding

Organize, locate, and geo-enrich address data on a global scale with Spectrum Global Geocoding

Where matters: Gain an edge with better geocoding

Addresses alone do not convey immediately usable information and instead it is the “enriched” information about a specific address that provides value to business users.

While most people understand the importance of using a standardized and quality address, that address is simply the enabler for high-quality data management. Geocoding brings “context” through the process of geo-enrichment, allowing you to focus on the importance of a customer address or location.

  • Where is this address?
  • What is around it?
  • Who lives here?

Access the best geocoding in the market today to ensure high-quality address management, providing context, and driving better decisions throughout your business.

Begin the process with a reliable foundation

Forbes reports that 84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing decisions on.  Achieving high match rates across both structured and unstructured data requires advanced algorithms that match data to the correct address along with up-to-date geocoding data.

Positional accuracy (the closeness of an assigned geocode to a specific parcel or structure) can be critical. Using our Master Location Data (MLD), you can match to virtually all mailable and non-mailable U.S. addresses for the most accurate location information.

Are you looking to gain insights for global business decisions? Access the most complete global geocoding coverage available including highly detailed street maps for the U.S., Canada, France, and Australia as well as address point data around the globe.

Providing context drives insights and better decisions

There’s a lot of data out there.  Geocoding and using location as the foundation for joining data together is a process we call geo-enrichment.  Using the PreciselyID, a unique and persistent ID, or a geohash you can geo-enrich your business data by attaching more than 9,000 attributes, such as demographic, risk, or consumer data, to addresses.

  • Is this address within a flood zone?
  • What does the purchasing power look like in an area?
  • Where do my customers live and is that a good place for a new business location?

Creating a master address file with “geo-enriched” information provides context and value to inform better decisions.

Deployment options: Deploy as you require

Incorporating new technology into a current IT system infrastructure can be challenging.

Geocoders aren’t always designed with flexibility in mind and can require costly integration efforts. Precisely’s geocoding has multiple deployment options ranging from easy-to-use SaaS and APIs to enterprise-wide solutions and SDKs, designed to run on-premises or natively within big data/cloud-native environments.

MapMarker, an online SaaS application, gives you flexibility and confidence with a streamlined geocoding process.

Spectrum Geocoding for Big Data runs spatial processes natively within cloud-native and big data environments using Kubernetes and Spark cluster deployment to help organize, manage, analyze and visualize business data in ways that yield actionable insights.

We also recognize you may have an investment in other technology but want to use Spectrum Geocoding solutions.  Rest assured, we can meet your geocoding needs, wherever your data lives.

Spectrum Global Geocoding deployment options