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SnapShot for MapInfo Pro, our newest product, brings U. S. current year demographics to your fingertips. Polygons, reports and thematic maps will make your demographic analysis so much easier. Get the answers that you need quickly and without ever leaving MapInfo Pro. You do not have to go anywhere else to get the answers. Leverage your own data to make better decisions with the addition of demographics and life style segmentations…all within one product.

Always have the freshest U. S. demographics. Demographics from Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS), a leader in the industry for over 25 years, are updated twice a year. No loading of new data sets is required. Just open the product and go. Reports are surgical distributing the demographic weights of the Census Block Group to the individual Census Blocks included in your custom polygons of drive times, radii and hand drawn polygons.

Mapping Solutions and Applied Geographic Solutions have been working together for the last 25 years. It is not a new relationship. So, we are pleased to bring a new product to MapInfo Pro users that makes their spatial analysis easier and more cost effective.

SnapShot for MapInfo Pro runs on all 64 bit versions of MapInfo Pro.

SnapShot for MapInfo Overview


Radius Polygons

  • Quickly create single or multiple radii for a point on the map
  • Create multiple radii to demographically compare your store locations

Drive Time Polygons

  • Create single or multiple drive time polygons for a single site
  • Create trade areas for your locations
  • Compare your trade areas

Custom Drawn Polygon Reports

  • Use your existing trade area polygons (or any other polygons) for fresh reports with the latest AGS demographics.

Radius Reports

  • Compare your radii with comparison reports

Drive Time Reports

  • Generate drive time polygons and reports seamlessly. With single command generate a drive time and demographic report.

Thematic Maps

  • Easily create thematic maps from any of your licensed demographic variables for Census geographies like Census Tracts, Block Groups, Census Zip Codes and Counties.

U. S. Census Geographies

  • All these Geographies are included
  • Census Block Groups
  • Census Tracts
  • Counties
  • States

ZIP Codes from AGS

  • AGS Zip codes are also included in SnapShot can be quickly added to your map
  • Thematically shade with demographics
  • Attach your own data

Editable Custom Report Templates

  • Create custom report templates with only the demographic variables that you use.
  • Save it and use it again.
  • Compare you trade areas with the same template.

AGS Demographic Data

A wealth of data sets are available to every user. You can also upgrade on the fly with a credit card. No waiting for the next data set. Currently only available for the United States. Demographic Variables are available at standard geography levels from Block Group up.

Available data packages include:

  • Current Year Estimates and 5 Year Projections Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • The Estimates and Projections (E&P) database is the most extensive update available, covering a broad range of demographic characteristics for the current year, and 5-year projections.

Additional Data Sets Available for Purchase

  • Panorama Lifestyle Segmentations Annual License
    • AGS has created our own segmentation system for the United States, called Panorama. Panorama has been coded with the MRI Survey data to bring you Consumer Behavior profiles associated with this segmentation system.
  • Crime Risk Data Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • CrimeRisk is the result of an extensive analysis of a rolling seven years of FBI crime statistics. Based on detailed modeling of the relationships between crime and demographics, CrimeRisk provides an accurate view of the relative risk of specific crime types at the block and block group level.
  • Consumer Expenditures Annual License
    • AGS provides current year and 5- year projected expenditures for over 390 individual categories that collectively cover almost 95% of household spending.
  • Retail Potential Annual License
    • This tabulation utilizes the Census of Retail Trade tables which cross-tabulate store type by merchandise line.
  • Business Counts Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • Business Counts is a geographic summary database of business establishments, employment, occupation and retail sales.
  • Health Care Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • AGS’ Health Care utilization data consists of two separate, yet similar, database products: primary diagnosis upon release from hospital and procedures undertaken by emergency departments.
  • Environmental Annual License
    • The environmental suite of data consists of several separate database components including: Weather Risks, Seismological Risks, Wildfire Risk, Climate, Air Quality and Elevation/Terrain
  • MRI Consumer Behavior Profiles Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • The Consumer Behavior database consists of approximately 1,800 indexes of product consumption, lifestyle preferences, product ownership, and attitudes. Based on the latest MRI ‘doublebase’ survey, it offers insight into the consumption patterns and preferences of consumers.
  • Assets & Debts and Net Worth Annual License
    • This database provides an important look at the financial health of households – including information on the nature and value of both the assets and debts of households, and of the net worth of households.
  • Demographic Dimensions Annual License (Methodology PDF)
    • This innovative database consists of twenty six core “dimensions” of neighborhoods, such as “Affluence and Education” and “Government Workers” which together account for the primary differences between neighborhoods.

Create Custom Report Templates

In addition to standard report templates, you can also create your own custom templates using variables from any licensed dataset. Templates can be reused over and over across different geographies, ensuring that your analysis is consistent and repeatable.

Thematic Maps

MapInfo Boundary files from the US Census Bureau are included, allowing you to easily create demographic thematic maps for:

  • Block Groups
  • Census Tracts
  • Counties
  • States
  • Census Zip codes

Of course you are free to incorporate any of your own map layers also!

SnapShot and MapperG for MapInfo Pro

SnapShot and MapperG for MapInfo Pro

Get the best of both worlds. SnapShot and MapperG for MapInfo Pro are the perfect combination to make you more productive. MapInfo Pro is the cake and SnapShot and MapperG are the icing and candles.