Geocode automatically and interactively, in real-time and batch, with this workstation-based U.S. application. You will benefit from top-level match accuracy and built-in address correction and standardization.

Get the power of CASS-certified geocoding technology right on your desktop. With MapMarker, you can geocode automatically- or geocode interactively for customized matching and error-rate control. Whether you want to perform one quick geocode or geocode large tables in batch mode, MapMarker makes it easy.

MapMarker offers extraordinary:

  • Speed: Process up to 600,000 records per hour in batch mode.
  • Flexibility: Perform real-time and batch processing. Integrate easily with key applications and popular relational database management systems.
  • Control: Specify matching criteria and data elements returned through an easy-to-use interactive API.
  • Accuracy: Cascading match logic yields the best available results.
  • Options: Use MapMarker to geocode at the levels that fit your needs:
    • Street or parcel centroid
    • ZIP+ 4 ZIP+ 2 ZIP Centroid
    • Municipal/City/Town Centroid Street Centroid
    • County
    • Intersections
    • Custom User Dictionary for matching to your own centerline or parcel data

Data quality built in
MapMarker corrects, standardizes and geocodes address information all in one step. By combining postal data with your choice of spatial data flies from the world’s leading data providers it generates the most comprehensive set of address-level geocodes available and improves your overall data quality in the process.

Conflation for greater accuracy
Other geocoding solutions draw from a single database. MapMarker can combine the data from disparate data sources including spatial data from TomTom NAVTEQ, U.S. Census TIGER Centrus Points, TeleAtlas Points New Neighborhoods data set and your own street centerline data. This conflation process means more matches, fewer false positives and faster CASS certifiable results.

More point-level precision
Cascading match logic enables MapMarker to geocode at the highest level of precision. It starts at point level proceeding until it returns the most accurate latitude and longitude assignment available. In every case it indicates the accuracy level utilized showing the confidence you can place in the result.