GeoTAX – Spectrum Enterprise Tax

Remove the guess work in tax jurisdiction assignment with GeoTax – Spectrum Enterprise Tax

Keep current with constantly changing tax boundaries and rates. GeoTAX is an essential automated support solution that delivers current geographical based determinations, allowing your company to determine in which tax jurisdiction a given address is located, and which current tax codes apply. Using GeoTAX, and the most precise geographic data available, the solution assigns state, county, township, municipal, school, and other appropriate tax type information to an address.

Works with your existing systems GeoTAX – Spectrum Enterprise Tax is used in tandem with most industry standard tax processing products in use today. It does not replace your existing systems; instead it significantly enhances the accuracy of the results, leveraging your existing technology investment with easy integration into your existing processes.

Seamless, proven integration for tax jurisdiction needs

GeoTAX seamlessly integrates with best-of-breed data providers and mapping companies to offer superior address standardization and geocoding. With more than 600,000 hours of R&D invested in geocoding, this solution produces algorithms and geocoding methodologies that are unique to the taxation marketplace.

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Standardize your processing with proven expertise

GeoTAX provides a proven methodology for upfront and back-end taxing operations on any computing platform. The solution’s tax processing begins with the standardization of address records to USPS specifications. It also allows companies to perform analysis on-the-fly rather than on an infrequent schedule, enabling taxation decisions to be made, updated and applied in real-time.

Access Special Tax Jurisdictions

Insurance Premium Tax
GeoTAX offers an optional dataset that is an integrated solution with up-to-date premium tax boundary information. Each year thousands of municipalities change boundaries, which are the foundation of many of the premium tax districts. Our software provides an ongoing research program with nationwide coverage to track these changes. GeoTAX Insurance Premium Tax is a verified solution for use in the state of Kentucky. A SaaS application with an easy-to-use interface.