MapInfo Pro

Powerful desktop mapping and spatial analytics software, carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users.  With optional raster grid analysis capabilities, MapInfo Pro is the world’s premier desktop mapping application enabling you to create, analyze and share spatial information with more ease than ever before.

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Gain valuable insights through the analysis and visualization of geospatial information. Reduce risks and make better decisions when you gain integrate geospatial context into your enterprise software deployments. With this set of adaptable capabilities, you can deliver location-based intelligence to every geodata-dependent process.

Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module

Whatever area you specialize in, Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module can help your business in a number of ways. With precise location data, you can calculate the distance between two points, determine eligibility or locate potential marketing targets.

Master Location Data

Master Location Data combines highly accurate and complete geocoding with power data enrichment capabilities that provide an innovative and straightforward way to link each address to a wide catalog of data attributes. A high level of geographic accuracy with meaningful results codes and extremely high levels of address matching for national coverage.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst

For many organizations, Location Intelligence has become an indispensable component of Business Intelligence. Spectrum Spatial Analyst combines the power and versatility of our enterprise Location Intelligence platform, Spectrum Spatial, with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings.


Geocode automatically and interactively, in real-time and batch, with this workstation-based U.S. application. You will benefit from top-level match accuracy and built-in address correction and standardization.


The software toolkit for .NET developers to develop custom geospatial applications, integrate location-based insight into business operations and easily embed Location Intelligence in operating systems, analytical systems and the web.

Parcel Boundaries

Parcel Boundaries contains US polygonal property outlines and centroids in WGS84 projection for consistent nationwide implementation. Parcel boundary data helps users map and analyze property characteristics across an entire area of interest, or conduct sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay and buffer zone operations. 

5 Digit ZIP Code Boundaries

The 5-Digit ZIP Code data set provides the current cartographic information on US Postal Service 5-Digit ZIP Codes, including the ZIP Codes for the entire US and Puerto Rico. All changes that have occurred in the preceding quarter are also included. A ZIP Code table contains all unique boundary and point ZIP Codes for all states and the District of Columbia.