5 Digit ZIP Code Boundaries

The 5-Digit ZIP Code data set provides the current cartographic information on US Postal Service 5-Digit ZIP Codes, including the ZIP Codes for the entire US and Puerto Rico. All changes that have occurred in the preceding quarter are also included. A ZIP Code table contains all unique boundary and point ZIP Codes for all states and the District of Columbia.

StreetPro Display

StreetPro Display combines the most comprehensive national road network in the world with a large-scale digital map base. It enables complete, country-wide mapping for more than 100 countries. Multiple layers of information provide a foundation for map production and enable fast display of background reference maps. Street networks are chained for fast rendering with no loss of detail. Equal maintenance of both metro and regional areas ensures consistent coverage on a national scale.

World StreetPro

World StreetPro is designed for state and country-wide mapping where a comprehensive, small-scale reference layer is required. This intermediate level digital map base includes roads, railways, international and administrative boundaries, urban areas, coastlines, waterbodies, land cover and gazetteers for approximately 240 countries. Suitable applications include graphic output, backdrop mapping and route planning.

World Premium Points of Interest (POI)

World Premium Points of Interest provides location and detailed company information for a diverse set of commercial and retail businesses, leisure and geographic features and landmarks in more than 150 countries and territories around the world. Coverage includes over 110 million POIs, more than 24 million of which are located in the US.


Training is the single most important investment in mapping technology…making your employees more effective and efficient.

Why enroll in a training session? MapInfo software is user-friendly, but at the same time, it is complex and has many visual and analytical features. To get the most out of your investment, training sessions are available to develop the skills your staff needs.
We offer introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions, built to suit your needs.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: In addition to standard training sessions, Mapping Solutions offers customized training sessions. Let us know your specific needs and we can tailor the training sessions to suit those needs.

PERSONALIZED TRAINING: Mapping Solutions trainers will work one-on-one or one-on-two with your own data helping you streamline your mapping process. Hire your own personal trainer to make you a mapping super star.

CLASSROOM TRAINING: Mapping Solutions trainers will conduct customized training at a training location of your choice.


  • Introduction to MapInfo Professional
  • Intermediate MapInfo Professional
  • Advanced MapInfo Professional
  • Introduction to MapBasic
  • Geocoding/Developing with MapMarker


Mapping Solutions can provide your organization with consulting services to help you achieve the maximum benefit from your data. Whether your company is seeking sales territory optimization, site selection, or targeted marketing solutions, Mapping Solutions can help.

Real Estate Consulting
There is nothing more important than location in Real Estate. Whether it is demographic study of a market or competitive analysis, Mapping Solutions has extensive experience in real estate. Numerous example of our work can be found any year at ICSC in Las Vegas. Our clients rely upon us provide the best looking maps for the leasing department and the best analysis for the acquisitions department. Where there is location…competition is not far behind. Understanding your competition can make the difference between profitable and not. Bring together aerials, demographics, traffic counts and competition is Mapping Solutions’ specialty.

Health Care Consulting
Market coverage is paramount in Health Care network management. Do we have enough cardiologists for the market? Does this free standing care facility have competition? Or does this acquisition make sense? These are the types of questions facing health care. Mapping Solutions has worked with many health care organizations and insurance providers too make sure they have the right geographic mix to make the market profitable. From senior care to satellite facilities, we have provided a competitive edge to our clients.

Data Analysis: Site Selection, Sales Territory Management, and Market Research
Demographic Analysis: Customer Profiling and Market Research
Map Preparation and Printing: Full color maps from 8.5″ x 11″ up to 36″ x 48″ in size


We can provide your organization with custom programming and application development to suit your mapping needs.

We utilize C++, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, MapInfo MapBasic, Java, SOAP, REST, and other tools to provide you with custom desktop and web applications to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Need to add mapping functionality to your application but don’t want the hassle of direct ownership and maintenance of the data? We can help you embed mapping functionality by utilizing programmable SOAP/REST web services. Example services include the Microsoft Bing Maps Web Service, ESRI ArcWeb for Developers and the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Platform.
The following are some examples of the custom programming we can provide for you:

MapBasicAutomation tool for MapInfo Pro

  • Simplify repeated or complex tasks in MapInfo Pro,
  • Modify user interface for casual users
  • Increase functionality for power users

MapXtremeMapInfo’s web-mapping solution

  • Complete internet/intranet “Find Nearest Dealer” solution
  • More powerful internet/intranet/enterprise solutions
  • Layer manipulation
  • Thematic shading
  • Demographic reports
  • .NET and Java versions available.
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization

Databases – Enhanced spatial capabilities for databases

  • Utilize the power of your relational database for spatial analysis
  • Incorporate spatial objects directly into Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostGIS, and others
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Standard SQL and Spatial SQL query construction

Jump Start

Are you new to mapping? Do you need a Jump Start to deliver on that project sitting on your desk? Mapping Solutions can help you get there. By combining Mapping Solutions on-site training with our consulting services, one of our project specialists can train you how to do the project, do the project with you and insure that you have the tools and knowledge to complete the project in the future.

We find that applied training and consulting is the most effective way to get our clients up and running with spatial analysis projects. Our project specialists concentrate on understanding your business need and translating that need into results. You get learn what you need, since the training and consulting is tailored to your organization.

Jump Start is comprised of three components; telephone consultation of the project, on-site training and consulting and telephone project follow up insuring completion.

Give us a call at 888.MAPPING and we will help get you started.

In addition, we can walk you through software selection, setup, and even help you use your software more effectively.